Meet the friendly citizens of Ashtoville

Lt. John
Lieutenant John

Ever since he was 8 years old he dreamed about becoming a fireman. He saw fireman help people, comfort people and celebrate when everything worked out okay and no one was injured by fire.

Campfires are fun and roasting marshmallows is fun too, however fire can also be dangerous. You need to respect fire and be extra careful when around a fire. Fire is nothing to play with. I will be happy to autograph your copy of the Amazing Cows of Ashtonville, if I see you reading it and sharing the message of fire safety.”

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Buckaroo also known as Devon

Devon doesn’t mind it when his dad, Lieutenant John, calls him Buckaroo. His friends and his mom, all call him Devon. Devon loves to draw. He can look at something and draw it. He draws the fire trucks and the firemen when he goes to work with his dad. The firehouse kitchen has pictures that Devon drew, hanging all over.

Devon likes school. He enjoys math, language arts and of course art class. Devon has a sister, Alexa. You’ll meet her one day perhaps. Devon says “Geh und hab Spass! “, that’s German for “go and have fun!”

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Lulu who owns Lulu’s Party Shop loves parties. Lulu was born in Korea and she remembers all the fun they had dressing up in costumes and using flowers everywhere, when she was in third grade. “Decorating for a party is fun, no matter what size the party is. Decorating helps make a party more fun and when you decorate yourself, as Lieutenant John did for the cows, well, you’ll make friends. It’s easy to dress up its fun.”

If you are having a party be sure to go to Lulu’s Party House. She has lots of great party ideas.

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What does the future hold?

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